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Xander Cross is tired.

He’s been fighting this war for years now with no end in sight, and now that Zendal has sent his largest demon fleet to destroy the planet of Malifakt VII, the Republic’s prized jewel, he realizes that his end has finally come. Yet, there is hope.

Learning of a new artifact powerful enough to defeat Zendal, he gathers his friends for another dangerous mission. Together, they set off for Arda, a mysterious planet on the other side of the galaxy where young and innocent women are stolen from their villages by perverted goblins who use them for their pleasure.

When they’re captured by the artifact’s protector, however, a terrifying queen whose power is only matched by her beauty, Xander must remember why he fights in the first place if he is to save the Republic, as well as those he loves most.

Warning 18+: “Blade of Arda” is a red-hot harem book for men. If you like science fiction, beautiful women, and perverted goblins who crave human flesh, then you’ll love this book.

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