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The Republic is crumbling.

People starve in the streets, leaders bicker in the Senate, and with no fuel, the fleet is useless against the hordes of demons enslaving the galaxy’s most beautiful women.

But amidst this turmoil, Xander Cross remains … uh … firm?

Tasked with returning to Akania—a deadly planet covered in jungle and ruled by beasts—Xander must convince its young empress, a striking beauty with dangerous beliefs, to ally herself with the Republic, so he can, I mean (cough), the Republic can pump her fields for fuel.

But it’s not that easy! There are traitors amidst their ranks. Hunchback shaman with bad teeth. Four-armed monkeys with large genitals. And hot women who wear skimpy outfits. Can he do it in time? Can he convince the Empress of Akania that he has what she needs?

Warning 18+: “Warriors of Akania” is a red-hot harem book for men. If you like science fiction, beautiful women, and giant mosquitoes who can suck a man dry, then you’ll love reading “Warriors of Akania.”

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