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On the frozen planet of Korath, the dead never die.

Xander Cross has a mission: venture out into an icy wasteland with four beautiful warriors to discover an ancient evil that has plagued the planet for centuries. But as he sets off into the frigid cold, he quickly learns that there are far worse things on Korath than just snow storms.

Deep within the mountain are vile creatures; vengeful ghosts who torture their victims with painful memories, demon lords who sacrifice young beauties for power, as well as menacing goblins who enjoy torturing their prey. Yet, as frightening as these monsters are, there’s an even greater threat lurking within, one that will enslave the entire galaxy if freed. Can they stop it in time?

Warning 18+:“Ghosts of Korath” is a red-hot harem book for men. If you like science fiction, beautiful women, and sadistic demons who crave human flesh, then you’ll love this book.

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