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Audiobook 3

Audiobook 3

Warriors of Akania, Audiobook 2 of the Lightbringer series

Dive into the chaos and intrigue of a galaxy on the brink of collapse. Join Xander Cross on a mission filled with danger, diplomacy, and desire in 'Slaves of Dardekum.' Will he navigate the treacherous jungles of Akania, outwit the traitors in his midst, and secure the alliance needed to save the Republic? Uncover the fate of worlds and the destiny of hearts. Download your copy of the audiobook today and step into a universe where survival hangs on the edge of a knife—and where seduction is a game played with the highest stakes.

What to expect?

  • Political Turmoil: Immerse yourself in a story where political strife and hunger rock the Republic, and the lack of fuel renders their fleet powerless against demonic threats.
  • Tropical Peril: Dive into the deadly jungle planet of Akania, a paradise teeming with life and danger, where beauty is as deadly as the beasts.
  • Resolute Hero: Follow Xander, our stalwart protagonist, as he must use wit, charm, and courage to navigate the dangers of the alien world.
  • Epic Alliance: Experience the tension and thrill of convincing Akania's young and beautiful Empress to join the Republic's cause, proving he has what she needs.
  • Harem Dynamics: Witness Xander's captivating journey with his group of gorgeous warriors as they navigate new challenges and continue to form

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