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Audiobook 1

Audiobook 1

Slaves of Dardekum, Audiobook 1 of the Lightbringer series

Journey to the heart of the desert planet Dardekum, where the most precious commodity is not gold or oil, but women. In this harrowing tale, Xander Cross, a smart yet aimless young man, gets thrown into an adventure far beyond his wildest video game fantasies.

  • Grimdark Meets HaremLit: Experience the brooding darkness of Grimdark and the intricate dynamics of HaremLit intertwined in a masterfully told story.
  • Unlikely Hero: Connect with Xander Cross, a relatable protagonist forced to adapt and grow in the face of extreme adversity.
  • Exotic Setting & Deadly Threats: Traverse the perilous desert planes of Dardekum, teeming with flesh-eating mutants, deviant slavers, and lurking demons.
  • Powerful Female Warriors: Marvel at the Purifiers, a group of justice-wielding warriors as deadly as they are beautiful, who hold the key to Xander's mission.
  • Race Against Time: Feel the tension rise as Xander and the Purifiers search for Rachel before she's sold off-world, all while uncovering darker secrets.

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