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Audiobook 2

Audiobook 2

Ghosts of Korath, Book 2 of the Lightbringer Series

Dive into the chilling expanse of Korath, where death is just the beginning. Xander Cross, fresh off the harsh trials of Dardekum, now faces a mission that could chill his very soul.

  • Icy Apocalypse: Engage in a riveting saga set on a frozen planet, where the harsh climate is only matched by the cruelty of its supernatural inhabitants.
  • Supernatural Horrors: Confront vengeful ghosts, power-hungry demon lords, and menacing goblins lurking within the frost-bitten landscape.
  • Enduring Hero: Follow Xander, as he grows from a mere adventurer into a true leader, guiding a band of fierce and beautiful warrior women.
  • Epic Adventure: Embark on a high-stakes mission to prevent the release of an ancient evil that could enslave the entire galaxy.
  • Deepening Bonds: Revel in the intricate dynamics of Xander's harem as the women stand by his side, their relationships growing amidst the frigid trials.

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