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Audiobook 4

Audiobook 4

Blade of Arda, Audiobook 4 of the Lightbringer series

Journey deeper into the tumultuous galaxy with "Blade of Arda." Xander Cross faces his greatest challenge yet: to find the one weapon that could change the tide of an overwhelming demon invasion.

Faced with the greatest demon invasion in Republic history, a battle-weary Xander must abandon the Battle Saints to the beauitulf planet of Arda, a forest world where weapons have been outlawed and the goblin king sends his minions to steal yougn beauties from their village, to find the one weapon that can change the course of the war: the Blade of Light. When he's captured by the beautiful yet terrifying Queen of Arda, however, he must overcome his own disillusionment if he is to save his brethren from the merciless wrath of his deadliest foe, a demon thought lost to eternity.

What to expect?

  • Epic Quest: Follow Xander's dangerous mission to the forest world of Arda, where even weapons are forbidden, and a goblin king terrorizes the land.
  • Formidable Adversary: Brace yourself for the terrifying yet enchanting Queen of Arda, who captures Xander, adding a new layer to his perilous quest.
  • Ultimate Weapon: Experience the intense search for the Blade of Light, a weapon that could alter the course of the war and bring hope to the desperate Republic.
  • Harem Dynamics: See how Xander's relationship with his band of beautiful warriors evolves as they face their most daunting challenges yet.
  • Greatest Threat: Will Xander overcome his own disillusionment to save his brethren from his deadliest foe, a demon thought lost to eternity?

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